Herman T. Salton, Ph.D.


  • Chadwick F. Alger Prize for Best Book on International Organization and Multilateralism (Oxford University Press nomination for ISA International Studies Association Award, 2017)
  • British International Studies Association (BISA, Founders Fund Award, UK, 2012)
  • University of Wales, Aberystwyth (Teaching Excellence Award, UK, 2011-2012)
  • British International Studies Association (BISA Nomination, Teaching Excellence Award, 2012)
  • Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS Dissertation Award, USA, 2011)
  • University of Oxford (Highest Thesis Distinction, Oxford, UK, 2009)
  • University of Oxford, New College, 2010 (Admission to DPhil, declined on financial grounds)
  • University of Auckland (Doctoral Award, Auckland, New Zealand, 2007)
  • Trento University (‘Summa cum Laude’, or 110 out of 110 cum laude, Trento, Italy, 1999)
  • European Union (First among 121 candidates, ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, European Union, 1999)


  • University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 2010 (Doctoral Scholarship, Aberystwyth, UK, 2010-2013)
  • University of Oxford, Exeter College (Travelling Bursary, Oxford, UK, 2008)
  • Geneva Institute of International Studies (IHEI Geneva, Doctoral Scholarship, 2008) (declined)
  • Australian Government (International Doctoral Award, Canberra, Australia) (declined)
  • Sydney University Law School (International Doctoral Scholarship, Sydney, Australia) (declined)
  • Auckland University Law School (Int’l Doctoral Scholarship, Auckland, New Zealand (1 of 5)
  • Canterbury University, (Int’l Doctoral Award, Christchurch, New Zealand (1 of 8) (declined)
  • European Union (‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ Scholarship, European Union, 1999)
  • Trento University and European Union (‘Socrates’ Scholarship, Trento, 1998)
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